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GOST in the Federal and Financial Sectors

Learn more about GOST
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GOST® for Financial Industries

Learn how our product finds the highest quality information that poses the greatest risk to you. Ideal for screening customers, detecting financial fraud, and identifying malicious behavior.
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GOST® for Federal Agencies

Learn how Giant Oak combines technology and behavioral science to help government agencies identify and act on potential threats.

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GOST® Infographic

GOST is an online screening and continuous evaluation system; escape the deluge of data, and learn about the power of GOST.
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See What GOST® Can Do For You

Giant Oak combines technology and behavioral science to help government agencies identify and act on potential threats.

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"Giant Oak has secured a position on a Federal Library and Information Network contracting vehicle to offer an information platform designed to support government screening and vetting processes. "
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FEDLINK Contract Award Expands Giant Oak's Footprint in the Federal Government
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"A new partnership between data and behavior science firm Giant Oak and consumer credit reporting agency TransUnion aims to help the federal government accomplish its personnel security screening mission more efficiently."
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How a New Partnership is Helping to Identify Insider Threats Before They Happen
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"Gary Shiffman, the founder and CEO of Giant Oak, Inc., testified before the National Security, International Development and Monetary Policy Subcommittee on March 13, providing insight on how machine learning and artificial intelligence can help detect money laundering and illegal online trafficking."
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Giant Oak's Gary Shiffman Testifies About How AI Can Combat Financial Crime

"Giant Oak, a leader in applying data and behavioral science to help organizations identify potential threats, today announced it has developed the first crime- and criminal-centered global view of human and wildlife trafficking in partnership with Liberty Shared, a global counter-trafficking NGO."
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Giant Oak and Liberty Shared Develop First-Ever Criminal-Focused International View into Human and Wildlife Trafficking Crimes
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"We know that the money launderers are winning. We know that law enforcement is losing. -- Happily, that is starting to change, and no one is doing more to change it than today’s guest, Giant Oak CEO Gary Shiffman. "

Click here to listen to the full podcast.

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Fighting Financial Crime with Science: Giant Oak CEO Gary Shiffman"
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