Result-to-Risk Linkage

GOSTresult and ranking

The GOST Fall 2022 Release offers a 200% improvement in connections between links and case-level scores. This means that you and your team can easily understand the results delivered by GOST, while reducing your analyst labor input by 50%. Clarifying the links between results and risk assessments reduces noise at both the link and entity level, meaning that customer results are more consistent and accurate than ever before. 

Model ManagementCustom Model Anim

The GOST Fall 2022 Release takes the next innovative step and makes GOST modular, meaning that you and your team can plug in custom models created by GOST for different use cases. This richer feature space allows users of the new GOST to specifically investigate finer, more precise behaviors like confidence, sentiment, movement, and new information. An increase in model control means you can be as responsive as needed to meet your risk challenges.

Data Expansion

The GOST Fall 2022 Release introduces GOSTCrawl for all Giant Oak clients. GOSTCrawl is a proprietary capability of Giant Oak that finds and preserves web pages on the internet. “Crawling” the internet and preserving information from websites, GOSTCrawl is a truly robust data source for any client. To date, GOSTCrawl has indexed over a billion web pages, and it continues to grow by eight million pages a day. 

This ensures that you don’t miss any derogatory information or negative news not accessible by traditional search engines. GOSTCrawl’s higher-quality entity extraction improves the precision of your risk practice’s results.

GOST Crawl on web_cropped

What this means for you:

The GOST Fall 2022 Release is the most comprehensive and innovative update to GOST yet. With improved result-to-risk linkage, modular management, and GOSTCrawl, your risk and threat management practice will be the most accurate, customized, and thorough on the market. With the new GOST, you can screen better than ever before, and stop problems – before they become one.