More Than Just Lists

Watchlists are an important tool for governments, financial institutions, and international organizations to detect and prohibit doing business with designated entities representing risky businesses and clients. To effectively identify watchlisted individuals and their networks, institutions require precise technology that scales to large populations. GOSTVigil offers state-of-the-art watchlisting through GOST. This integrated capability improves entity resolution on lists, meaning that you can more accurately and rapidly analyze sanctioned individuals and the risk they pose to your financial institution.

Out-of-the-box, GOSTVigil contains a range of common watchlists including the EU and UN sanctions lists, the Consolidated Screening List (lists maintained by the US Treasury, Commerce, and State Departments), PEP data, and wanted lists spanning the globe. However, GOSTVigil offers you the opportunity to include any other lists required to customize it specifically to your needs, including internally defined lists. In order to ensure you have the most up-to-date and accurate risk scoring possible, this structured data is bolstered by the unstructured data available across the internet.


Better Entity Resolution

Leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and named entity recognition (NER) technology, GOSTVigil goes beyond basic fuzzy matching, ensuring precise matches ultimately saving time and reducing false positives.

Continuous Monitoring

GOSTVigil continuously monitors all lists in its system for any changes associated with entities in your portfolio. As sanctions evolve in response to world events, you receive alerts in real-time, closing your window of vulnerability.

The Power of Adverse Media

While there is a lag between an event of significance and the corresponding update to watchlists, GOST uses PAEI to flag such events in real-time. Users have the benefit of timelier updates to ensure confidence in coverage.

GOSTVigil Specifics

Out-of-the-Box List Inclusions

  • EU Sanctions List
  • UN Sanctions List
  • Consolidated Screening List (US Treasury, Commerce, and State Departments)
  • Denied Persons List
  • Unverified List
  • Entity List
  • Military End User List
  • Nonproliferation Sanctions
  • AECA Debarred List
  • Specially Designated Nationals List
  • Foreign Sanctions Evaders List
  • Sectoral Sanctions Identifications (SSI) List
  • Correspondent Account or Payable-Through Account Sanctions (CAPTA) List
  • Non-SDN Menu-Based Sanctions List (NS-MBS)
  • Non-SDN Chinese Military-Industrial Complex Companies (CMIC)
  • Engel Sanctions List
  • Hungarian Most Wanted
  • Polish Most Wanted
  • Estonia Most Wanted
  • Romania Most Wanted
  • Ukraine Most Wanted
  • EU Most Wanted
  • His Majesty’s Treasury Sanctions List (UK)
  • Consolidated Canadian Autonomous Sanctions

GOSTVigil easily integrates any other watchlists (internal or external) according to your needs.

Entity Resolution

  • Culturally aware name comparison and analytics including variations in language and alphabet
  • Sophisticated handling and comparison of addresses
  • Entity recognition improves over time through exposure to a variety of data formats
  • Records are resolved in real-time allowing for timely decision making
  • Explainable matching
  • Identified disclosed and derived relationships